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Senator O'Mara to Hochul administration officials: Why are we losing manufacturing jobs?

Albany, N.Y., January 30—Joint Senate-Assembly hearings on Governor Hochul’s 2024-25 proposed state budget resumed today in Albany with a look at the governor’s proposals for economic and workforce development.

A panel this morning consisted of top economic development officials within the Hochul administration.

Senator O’Mara, who serves as the Ranking Member on the Senate Finance Committee, took the opportunity to question the panel on several issues raised by the governor’s proposed budget, including:

-- A proposed $15-million payment from New York State to the federal government for the use of Floyd Benett Field, a former military airfield, to house asylum-seeking migrants arriving in New York City. “Why are we paying the federal government to use their property to house migrants that they’ve allowed to come here?” Senator O’Mara asked.

-- The loss of manufacturers leaving New York for other states because of high taxes, overregulation, and exorbitant energy and other costs of doing business. “Why are we seeing this very disturbing trend of companies choosing to exit New York for lower tax states?” Senator O’Mara asked.

-- A proposed AI (Artificial Intelligence) Consortium and how it’s being paid for.

Watch HERE.

The legislative budget hearings continue until mid-February. Find the full hearings schedule and watch on

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